Diety Worship

Radha-Kalachandji and they are looking transcendentally beautiful. Always keep to this high standard of Deity worship, never become neglectful. Everything must
be done very timely, and the temple must be immaculately cleansed daily. These things, cleanliness and promptness, are the most important points for Deity worship, so
be very vigilant in this way. (SPL to Dinatarini, April 25, 1973)
rätrika is a ceremony in which the Deities are presented offerings of foodstuffs, or incense, flowers, a waving handkerchief, a fan, and an offering of flames. The Deities
worshiped in the Kåñëa temples are Jagannätha-svämé with Balaräma and Subhadrä, and the Rädhä-Kåñëa Deities. Every temple also has a picture of Lord Caitanya and
saìkértana. The program for temple worship is as follows: Early in the morning, before sunrise, there is maìgala-ärätrika. At 8 a.m. daily, there is dressing and decorating of
the altar and offering of breakfast. Then between 11:30 and 12 noon there is an offering of foodstuffs. At 5 p.m. there is the opening of the temple. The temple is closed
from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., and then dhoop ärätrika and an offering of foodstuffs, or bhoga offering are performed. In the morning, fruits and milk are offered to the Deities, and
at noon, there are rice, dahl, chapatis, vegetables, milk, sweet rice and many other varieties. Then there is ärätrika after dusk and, at 9 p.m., an offering of puris, vegetables,
milk, sweetmeats, etc. After this final ärätrika, the Deity rests. The throne is decorated profusely with flowers. The Deity’s dress and ornaments are changed daily, and as
far as possible the Deity platform and the temple room are always kept neat and clean. (Hare Krsna Hand book)[/quote]

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