[quote]Preaching is the essence

Yes, as GBC member your task is very responsible. You must always keep yourself pure and in this way your preaching work will take effect. Others are also speaking
Bhagavad-gita but their speech has no effect because they are not following the regulative principles of devotional service. Also, always maintain Sankirtana Party, prasadam, chant 16
rounds and read all our literature. These things keep you always in touch with Krishna, and Krishna will give you intelligence more and more how to spread this movement. “I dwelling in
their hearts destroy with the shining lamp of knowledge the darkness born of ignorance.” [Bg. 10.11]. (SPL to Krsnadasa, 12/t18h,1970)
Out first business is to preach to the devotees and to maintain the highest standard of Vaisnava education. (SPL to Hrdayananda July 9th, 1972)[/quote]

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